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New album – jazz duets

New album – jazz duets

Just last week Ian Chalk and myself put the finishing touches on our duet album ‘The Nearness Of Two’.

It features just the two of us playing jazz standards in a mellow, yet sophisticated way. Our intention was to play ‘nice tunes, nicely’. I hope we’ve succeeded.  You can preview/listen to the tracks on our bandcamp page and of course, buy the all important digital download :-)

Here’s a review that appeared in Lance’s ‘Bebop Spoken Here‘ blog:

“A digital delight, an album that is awesome in it’s simplicity!
Simple because of an unbeatable formula.

One fine trumpet +  one talented pianist + a choice selection of tunes = The Real X Factor.
Those of you can remember such classics as Louis Armstrong/Earl Hines Weatherbird or the Ruby Braff/Ellis Larkins duo recordings on Vanguard may like to think of this as the latest in the line of trumpet/piano classics.

Chalk, perhaps best known for his work with the Kate Peters Septet and other Leeds based outfits blows with a pure, clean sound that is never sugary sweet but cool and compelling. His improvisations are melodic and logical extensions of the tunes.

Clarkson accompanies but doesn’t just comp. His own lines flow in and around Chalk’s, ducking and diving – bass and drums would be superfluous here!
And the songs – ah man just listen to Nancy With the Laughing Face. If Sinatra had played trumpet he couldn’t have got any more emotion from it than Chalk does.
Clarkson’s solo on What’s New may be compact and concise but it’s also quite beautiful.
I don’t normally do digital but I’m glad I made an exception here!”

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